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  • Try our brand new PoE Ethernet Switch LT8027E-POE
  • Try our brand new PoE Ethernet Switch LT8027E-POE
LT-8027E-POE (613014)
  • 8*100Mbps PoE ethernet ports
  • IEEE802.3 af/at standard
  • 2 uplink ports, 1000Mbps optical port and ethernet ports

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The LT-8027E-POE is an  unmanaged switch with PoE function. It has one uplink ethernet port and one optical port 1000Mbps;
8*100Mbps PoE ethernet ports, supports af/at standard. This product is designed for HD IP Camera, enable these devices to
have power supply without connecting to the power socket. It makes the connection of those devices far away from the
power more flexible and simplify wiring. This product integrate with optical port to realize perfect integration between fiber
optical transceiver and ethernet switch, solve the problem of long distance transmission. It can be used in surveillance,
network engineering and so on.

  • Provides 8*10/100Mbps PoE ethernet ports, support power supply for the network device meet IEEE802.3 af/at standard. Don’t worry about the damage of devices which is not PoE.
  • PoE network port supports IEEE802.3 af/at standard, it can provide 30W consumption and power supply to the big consumption infrared camera.
  • Provide 2 uplink ports, 1000Mbps optical port and ethernet port; Uplink ethernet port can connect with NVR and other high bandwidth device conveniently; Uplink optical port reserve SFP port for users to select different performance SFP, optical fiber module, conveniently solving the problem of long distance transmission;
  • The switch and every PoE ethernet ports have reset button for users to solve IP camera crash and others problem, no need to pullout and plug network cables, which is convenient for system maintenance; The reset button is on the bevel, convenient for users to operate from multi-angle;
  • The transmission distance of uplink ethernet port can up to 150m, break through the limit of 100 m network cable;
  • Up to 1M Package data cache, making more smooth of forwarding high-capacity data;
  • Up to 8K for the MAC address, easily for system upgrade;
  • Support IEEE802.3X full duplex flow control; support (Auto MDI/MDIX) function;
  • Redundance power design, power heat backup or raise power consumption;
  • Industrial standard product, fold metal outershell heat dissipation without fan designed;
  • Fast installation fast, easy operation, convenient for wall, din rail and desktop installation.
Item Description
Power Power Supply Power adapter
Voltage Range DC48V~57V
Consumption <5W

Network Connector

Transmission Distance

1~24 port:150m
UPLINK 1000Mbps port: 150m
SFP:1000Mbps optical fiber SFP module port

Transmission Medium Cat5e/6 standard network cable
PoE Protocol IEEE802.3af/at
PoE Power Supply End-span

PoE Power consumption

af≤15.4W(every port), at≤30W(every port)
Network switch Network Standard

IEEE802.3 10BASE T,
IEEE802.3u 100BASE TX, 
IEEE802.3ab 1000BASE TX,
IEEE802.3z 1000 SX/LX,
IEEE802.3 X

Switch way Store and forward
Package Data Cache 1M
MAC address list 8K
LED Status Indicator Optical port LED indicator 1 SPF port indicator (green)
Uplink network port LED indicator
1 (green on the RJ 45 socket)
Uplink network port LE indicator 1 (green on the RJ 45 socket)
PoE network LED indicator 8 PoE status indicator (yellow on the RJ 45 socket)
8 network status indicator (green)
Button PoE reset button 8,corresponding with 1~8 port, PoE reset after press the button
Reset button 1, switch restart after press this button
Communication port Lightning protection
4KV per: IEC61000-4-5
ESD 1a contact discharge 3 level
1b air discharge 3 level
Environmental Working temperature        


Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Humidity (non-condensing) 0-90%
Mechanical Size (L x W x H) 159mm×110mm×46.5mm
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Weight 570gr
Stability MTBF >30000h