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Lamatel Lamatel - Lebanon

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  • AKCP
LT-6000-UUNC (958652)
  • LT-6000-UU-NC Noise cancelling Sound Tube Headset.
  • Hi-Fi audio quality with Neodymium speakers
  • 360° rotation MIC boom offers optimal convenience
  • Wide headband provides more comfortable to user
  • Auto Mute function when boom rotates to 90°
  • The Ultra Noise canceling Mic filters 90% background noise
  • Broad Band audio frequency makes more natural voice
  • Active Protection safeguards the user from acoustic burst
  • MIC AGC control improves the compatibility with different systems

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Call quality HD headphones with micro rotary 360° and the acoustic Active Protection against overheating, environmentally friendly Product.


Mechanical Specifications
 Weight(without cable) 60g
Cord length 1.0m
Insertion cycles 10000 minimum
Contacts phosphor bronze gold-plated
Housing PA66 Shell Injection
Storage Temperature - 25℃~65℃
Receiving Type Dynamic moving coil
Microphone Electret
Wearing Style Adjustable headband
Connection type Quick Link
Quick Link 360° adjustable
Comfort aid Leather/Foam ear cushion
Diameter 27 mm
Rated Frequency Range 300 – 6.5kHz
Nominal Impedance 150 Ω ± 15%
Sealed Sensitivity@ 1kHz 103 ±3dB
TDH @ 1kHz <2%
Max in-band Distortion <4%
Sealed acoustic press limit @1Khz Measured according to IEC. 318 Standard Audio Test
Sealed acoustic press limit @1Khz Measured according to Lamatel subjective RX. Audio Standard Test (H&TS, matched RS)
Rated Frequency Range 100 -10KHz
Directivity Cardinoide
Noise canceling(below 1kHz,far field)
(en dessous de 1 khZ, champs éloigné)
70b/ octave
Sensitivity @1KHz @ 1KHz (RL=2.2k Ω Vs=3.0v 0Db=1v/Pa) 49± 3dB